Pick & Pack and Drop Shipping

Storage, Packing and Distribution all in one Service!  This is ideal for:

1.  Online retailers

Save the expense of providing storage space for the stock that you are selling.  Ask us for a "Distribution turn-over : Free Storage" quotation. Especially designed for our Pick & Pack customers.

2.  Resellers

Sales by resellers and third party agents can be executed quickly, cheaply and efficiently from one location, often to all parts of the world.

How it works:  some features of our

Pick & Pack and Drop Shipping Service



Delivery Acceptance and Unloading

We take delivery of our clients' stock in whatever form that it can be delivered or collected. This may be in a Container, on a pallet or it could mean unloading a lorry or van by good old-fashion handball.



Safe and secure storage is provided for all stock that is for Pick & Pack and Drop Shipping either on pallets or in bulk; we also specialise in providing specific secure storage for smaller high worth items.


Order Processing

It is always important that orders are processed speedily and efficiently into our fulfilment system.  This will commonly include the use of IT systems which are compatible with client requirements.


Picking and Packing

Picking from stock and packing to a high professional standard is vital whether it is a single item, a carton or a pallet. Pick & Pack is undertaken for both individual orders as well as multiple orders.



To match the budget and delivery requirements of our clients, we use both national and international courier & postal networks for delivery which may include the use of on-line tracking plus text and email notifications.


Returns Management

Our Clients' customer returns are processed; we undertake quality control and, where required, ensure that exchange or replacement is implemented swiftly and efficiently to maintain customer satisfaction.


Customer Services

Set as one of our priorities, dealing seriously and professionally with consignee queries is a vital element in any Pick & Pack operation. This we carry out by both phone and on-line.  Keeping our client's customers happy is our mantra.


Stock Management

We undertake careful stock control in order to make accurate returns to our clients.



Frequent reporting to our clients is important for them in order to monitor sales and stock levels.  We can undertake this on both a daily and weekly basis.


Pallets and Pallet Distribution around the UK
Digital Order Processing ideal for eCommerce businesses
International Distribution by Air as parcels are flown around the world
Top Quality friendly Customer Services to help ensure that your consignment arrives safe and sound
Efficient Reporting & Stock Management
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