Frequently Asked Questions


To help you use our services, here are some answers to the frequently asked questions that we receive.   If you are still unclear about any details, go to the Contact Us page on this website and send an email containing your query and we will give you a specific answer to your question.

What types of fulfilment services do you provide?

Ensuring swift and reliable fulfilment of orders is central to our business.  We provide a complete range of fulfilment services including Pick & Pack and Drop Shipping covering the UK, Europe and even beyond.   We also have become increasingly expert at organising fulfilment into some of the biggest distributions centres in the UK and abroad which can sometimes be quite tricky.


What is the advantage of contracting out my fulfilment requirements?

Our low cost, fast and efficient order fulfilment service allows our clients to focus on their core business without having to worry about the time and cost involved in packing and dispatching orders.  Indeed, with the discount logistic rates available to us, our rates are liable to be cheaper than the cost of doing this yourself.  You don't have to worry about storage, packing or despatching, we take care of it all as part of the service.


Why should I pay someone to do a job that I can do myself?

If you are a small business, or a start-up or an online retailer, the answer to that question is really in the answer to two further questions:

  • How much storage space do you have?  Many small online retailers soon discover that they do not have enough room to store their stock.  Even those working from home soon experience problems because they find they cannot purchase sufficient quantities of stock to get the discounts they need to generate the profits they are hoping for and it becomes a big headache for you and your family when the dining room table becomes your shipping and receiving department.

  • How much time have you got each day?  Let’s say you have, on average, 20 orders a day. It may seem that it will not take too much time to pack 20 orders.  But that does not include the time it takes to work out the many other things involved, like which is the most cost effective way of shipping each item, whether you want them tracked, the best way of getting them to an overseas destination etc.   And remember you will not be able to take a day off because there will always be the next batch of orders to pick, to pack, to label, to enter on your computer, to track and to take to the post office.  Oh yes, and when you get to the post office, you will also be faced with much higher shipping charges than we are provide you with.   Besides the higher shipping costs of doing it yourself, would you not be better off spending your time building your business and increasing your sales?


How do I get started with your services?

With our easy set-up process, you can be up and running with us in the time it takes to ship your products to our warehouse. We'll need details of the products you want us to send to your customers and an estimation of the likely volumes you want us to handle. We will need to understand your policy on how you like your orders packed, which methods are to be used for shipping and what is your returns Policy. We do not charge any set-up fees, nor do we require minimum volumes of orders.


What type of contract packing services do you provide?

We do not require you to enter any formal termed contract with us because:

      1.  We believe that you will be happy with the service that we provide that you will therefore remain with us, and

       2.   We find that the services that we offer needs to be flexible and you may wish or need to change your products and/or shipping methods at a moment’s notice. We therefore offer an entirely flexible service and will only invoice you for the wsork that we actually undertake on your behalf.  Besides the storing, packing and despatch service we also handle pack collation, product returns and re-working all of which we are happy undertake on your instruction.


How will you receive my products?

Just arrange to send your products directly to us or, alternatively, we can collect it directly from you.  Once received, it will be unloaded, checked and placed in store ready for processing.

We can also receive goods directly from your manufacturers and distributors and will perform all of the necessary goods-in quality control checks to ensure compliance with your specifications. We'll always let you know when your new stock arrives.   For those purchasing or manufacturing abroad we can also arrange the importing of the goods and direct delivery to our warehouse.


When do I send you my orders?

Your orders can be forwarded to us via email, either automatically or manually, 24 hours a day – the choice is yours.   This can be done from whatever platform you are using – website, facebook etc.   The reality is that the sooner we receive your orders the quicker we can despatch them which is especially important where orders are generated from overseas.  Many orders are generated overnight so it is easier if they are in the system already rather than having to wait until after 9am for orders to come flooding through all at the same time.   This all helps us to handle larger volumes more efficiently and more cheaply thus helping to keep the costs down for our customers.


What is the latest time an order can be received to be despatched the same day?

This depends upon the number of orders that we are handling on any particular day but as a rule of thumb we will always attempt to ensure the despatch of all orders received by 12 noon each day.


How will my orders be shipped to customers?

Once picked and packed, we take care of all arrangements to ship our customers’ products throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide.  The method of shipping used will depend upon our customer agreement which includes the agreed shipping method and budget for each type or class of product. Either way we are able to provide discounted Postal, Courier and Carrier rates which are likely to save you more than the amount we will be charging you for carrying out your fulfilment.


How do I know when my orders have been shipped to customers?

We provide an end-of day manifest report showing all orders despatched with their shipping method and any tracking numbers – a kind of Proof of Posting.   We can also upload shipping information directly to your website and other online sales channels. If you have any specific reporting requirements, then we'll be happy to discuss these with you.


Are you able to email my customers directly when an order has been despatched?

Of course.  Many of our clients have their own facilities to do this, some clients use order process systems that have this facility and most couriers now include this facility as part of their service.  We are more than happy to implement any of these procedures as soon as orders have been shipped.


Are you able to handle our mailings?

We provide a full set of Mail House Services in order to undertake a print, pack and post process that can handle everything from monthly statement runs to extensive marketing mailings as well as daily packing and mailings for call centres.  This is all provided with our discounted postal rates.


How can you offer discounted Postal and Courier rates?

We know how important it is to keep shipping and postal costs as low as possible so that our clients can offer competitive prices to their customers. To implement this we have direct arrangements with a number of domestic and international couriers giving us low-cost, fully tracked, 24 hour courier services. We also have a Royal Mail rate that is better than most as we have a PPI rate which is way cheaper than any rate that can be achieved at the Post Office.


Can you handle my returns?

We generate for each order a Returns Form on behalf of our clients having first agreed the Returns Policy with the client.   Not only do we provide a returns address but we also open and inspect all returns and categorise them into appropriate groups depending on whether they are damaged, faulty or in good condition. We also arrange for immediate dispatch of replacement goods to customers, where required or instructed.


Do you charge for storing products?

Our storage facilities are primarily designed for our customers for whom we undertake some form of fulfilment process.  Essentially we make a weekly charge for storage based on each cubic meter of storage space (or part thereof) used.  But we offer a substantial discount, calculated on a sliding scale, which is subject to the amount of fulfilment work handled each week. This amount is calculated by distribution value, which is the total monetary value of all distribution work undertaken during that week.  So those customers with busy accounts will have free storage.  Whatever your circumstance we aim to manage storage space efficiently and ensure any costs are kept to a minimum.


How do I keep track of my stock held in your warehouse?

We understand how important it is for our clients to know their current stock levels in order to fulfil potential orders.  Our warehouse management system tracks all stock movements, including goods receipts, stock allocations, sales and returns. We report stock levels to our clients at regular intervals or as required.


Are there any products you don't accept?

Although we cater for a wide range of products, there are some items we prefer not to handle. These products include  those classified as:


1.      Dangerous Goods as defined in the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road Regulations 1996 (as amended, re-enacted or extended from time to time), and any other substance likely to cause or encourage disease, vermin, pests or other hazard.  Such items include (but not exclusively) the following:



            Flammable Liquids

            Oxidising Agents

            Toxic Substances

            Infectious Substances

            Radioactive Materials



            Lithium Batteries

            Environmentally Hazardous Substances


2. Items classified as Excluded Goods cannot be handled or despatched in our normal standard manner. However, it may be possible to make separate arrangement for some of these subject to circumstances and on separately agreed terms:

            Any item that is marked with a diamond shaped hazardous sticker

            Animals (livestock & dead stock)

            Money (cash) & Bullion




            Illegal Substances


Do you undertake fulfilment into major Distribution Centres?

This is a regularly activity for us.  Distribution Centres come in an array of different sizes and disciplines with some easier to deal with than others.  We maintain a flexible approach to Distribution Centres in order to be able to comply with their varying requirements.


I need fast reliable delivery because I rely on positive eBay and Amazon feedback.

We really do understand the importance of this and that's why we seek to get orders processed as quickly as possible.  


I'm an eBay trader with an excellent reputation needing a low cost Pick & Pack service.

Our only goal is to deliver an effective fulfilment solution that enables you to achieve your goals. We focus on consistency, reliability and accuracy - and aim to keep costs low so that you can remain competitive and protect your margins.


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