Logistics for eCommerce Businesses

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The Best Way to Grow your Business - Nationally and Internationally

eCommerce (online retail) makes it easier than ever for small Businesses to get established and reach out to customers, not only nationally but around the world.


And British Small Business is in a particulary good place to be able to sell internationally through eCommerce because of our international language, our trusted currency and our access to international markets.


With customers increasingly demanding quick delivery for which they are reluctant to pay, Centurion provides solutions to help eCommerce Businesses get their goods delivered efficiently, cheaply and on time both in the UK and overseas.


With logistics there is a lot to consider so we provide a wide range of options:

  • Our range of delivery options is much wider than any single carrier or postal service can provide, and 

  • Our range of services is much wider than any single carrier or postal service does    provide.


We aim to save Businesses cost:

  • By providing delivery rates at prices that small businesses are unlikely to attract,

  • By providing services that save Businesses time, labour and premises costs, and

  • By undertaking specific logistic tasks on behalf of customers that are not their core expertise and consequently can become pitfalls.


Centurion Business Services helps eCommerce Business grow by enabling them to concentrate on their core activity whilst providing quality access to national and international markets through their expert fulfilment sytems and network.


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Centurion Business Services

provides specialist services for

eCommerce Businesses


It is projected that by 2020 British online retailers will be earning £28 billion from overseas sales.  Currently the growth rate is close to 50% each year.

Centurion Business Services

provides a range of solutions from basic despatch to more detailed operations like Pick & Pack and Drop Shipping. Also Customs Clearance, Commercial Invoicing, Verification of Delivery Addresses and Tracking.

Centurion Business Services