Centurion Business Services is a dedicated logistic business that is a provider of a range of logistic-based support services and acts as a logistic partner to businesses of all types and sizes.


Whether undertaking fulfilment on a national or an international basis we always aim to provide high quality services and solutions in a business arena that is notorious for having the ability for things to go wrong.

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Features of our Services

Flexible Service:  Tailored to each customer’s individual requirements.


Our Customers:  A wide range of different types and sizes including product brands, startups, suppliers, publishers, engineers, e-commerce businesses and office operations.


Customer Services:  We believe in effective high-quality customer services for both customers and for our customer’s customers. Problems will always arise with logistics so we ensure a robust issue resolution procedure.


Order Processing:  Getting orders quickly & efficiently into our fulfilment system is vital. We work with our customers to ensure an efficient and seamless structure.


EORI Registered:  As required by the EU legislation, we are registered for distribution to destinations beyond the EU.

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Parcel Deliveries
Centurion Business Services